Origin believes in scale . . . that greatness that begins with prescient vision and amplies to a world of possibilities. Origin endeavours to leap further, fly higher in its pursuit of excellence, scaling up to soaring heights and ever-expanding horizons.

Each of the residential gems in Origin's treasure trove is a testament to its dedication to ensure homes with meticulous planning, foresight and an uncanny knack for anticipating the varied needs of its inhabitants. The projects have been crafted with an eye to sound construction, ease and comfort for its residents and the gleam of fine detail.

Origin’s Brands

Urban Upliftment

With upliftment projects. Origin’s Arise intends to deliver a better standard of living to fulfill the dreams and housing needs for those aspiring for a better quality of life. Arise creates modern life spaces for today’s professionals.

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Iconic Presence

Luxurious living for a niche segment. Origin’s Luminaire designs exquisite abodes with innovative technologies and the finest craftmanship, where lavishness blends flawlessly with elegance at prime laocations.
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Purposeful Housing

Origin's Shubh series provides purposeful housing designed to suit income, family structure and comfort, with special emphasis on delivering a range of homes - a diverse selection of customized housing to fit every customer genre.

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Mastering Towncraft

Origin's Xpanz crafts amalgamated townships considering the professional and personal needs of potential home-buyers. With expansive green spaces and contemporary amenities, it offers some of the most desirable self-contained residential addresses in the city.
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Life Beautified

Origin's Rayo will elevate, energize and beautify lives with projects amid picturesque locales. With properties that border beautiful natural habitats. Rayo's projects will still be a stone's throw from the advantages and connectivity of modern urban living.
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Integral to great initiatives are solid foundations. Origin's exclusive brands are the very elements of its uniqueness. The star players are Shubh, Arise, Xpanz, Rayo and Luminaire.

Arise raises lifestyles, hopes and dreams with initiatives of urban upliftment.

Luminaire luxuriates in iconism, presenting palatial properties of unprecedented elegance.

Shubh humbly espouses purposeful housing, giving niche overlooked segments of society their due.

Xpanz perfects towncraft, creating self-contained townships for greater togetherness in community life.

Rayo beautifies life, with projects in scenic locales straddling nature and urban conveniences.