Shubh's Atika salutes the power of womanhood by dedicating an architectural marvel to women that celebrates their achievements.

She is a melange of her many struggles, sacrifices and triumphs, her strengths, passion and elegance, her camaraderie, understanding and patience. She works with selfless interest to make others' lives easy. From the joy of making your cup of tea to choosing the color on your wall, a home conjures so many emotions. And, women play a major role in shaping it gracefully.

She makes a house built of bricks and mortar a home! To honor these women is our honor. That's why we present her with exclusive ownership.

Atika invites bliss into a woman's life with fortress-like security and easy conveniences inherent on its premises. It fulfils every woman's desires, from a technically advanced safety system to necessities and leisure just a lift ride away. Atika is designed exclusively considering her needs and her sense of comfort - more important than style for most women.