Life becomes auspicious when it is aligned to a bigger purpose! People exist to fulfil a destiny. Many sections of society and their continuous contributions to our well-being are generally overlooked. Shubh endeavors to right this wrong.

Shubh's concept of “purposeful housing for special sectors of society” has been created to honor and nurture niche segments. Currently focusing on special sectors of society like women, senior citizens and defence personnel, etc., Shubh initiatives offer a unique advantage to these special sections - ownership and a conducive lifestyle exclusively for members of these categories.

Shubh debuts a novel and unique concept - the concept of value homes for deserving and frequently overlooked contributors to society. Shubh projects will provide homes which not only suit pockets, but also the basic and specific needs of its homeowners.

Shubh is involved in projects across Mumbai, in Mira Road, Kandivali, Wadala, with an initial foray of compact 1 & 2 BHK homes for one of the first and most important segments of society that we are introduced to - “women”. Customized to the current and growing needs of women, Shubh presents livable space in a likeable environment.